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Owner/Master Stylist (MST)

16 Years experirience with extensive training

 in restorative techniques,colour,cutting and extensions



Stylist (ST)

Brittany has joined our team with an incredible bedside manner as well as attention to client's needs. Your visit will undoubtedly begin with the most pleasant touch. We look forward to great things and incredible gowth as she strives to move forward in SalonPRESSURE


DaShaná (Shay)

Operaton Manager

Shay is the glue that keeps SP together! All of your reservations, rescheduling and cancellation questions will begin with Shay. If you have any questions about services, she can direct you to the appropriate stylist and even consider a complimentary consultation so that we ensure the best possibe experience. You can trust that DaShaná will patiently handle your individual issue with the utmost care.

1919 S Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60605
(Justin's Salon Studio)


tel.: 312-243-4315